PowerMigrator™ is a flagship toolset developed and used by ZSL’s Replacement Technology Practice (RTP) in its legacy modernization offerings; providing end–to-end service and utilities during assessment, transition, and integration of our migration process. It is a part of the Modernization Studio which serves as a workbench for modernization efforts..

PowerMigrator in itself is an assemblage of various tools reined by a well honed process & methodology that aid in the porting of legacy elements to new frontiers. The PowerMigrator™ tools are comprised of utilities ranging from simple code extraction to highly sophisticated parser and translators.

Customizable toolkit

Depending upon the scope and need of the target technology, the selection of the appropriate tools are done from the repository, which are further customized as per the customer techno-functional requirements to create a separate customer-specific toolkit used in the modernization process.

For example, a toolkit for a JAVA based modernization effort would be different from a toolkit for a MVC architecture based .NET modernization solution.

Process and practice

PowerMigrator™ has well defined and time tested set of processes that form the guidelines for the modernization plan and are scrupulously followed throughout the modernization effort; right from initial assessment of code to final migration and integration.

These processes too are customizable and vary upon the target technological needs, expected customer standardizations and toolkit selection thereon.